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The Crash of Waves

I was in Mexico recently for some much needed rest and relaxation.  The beach is one place that I find it easy to clear my head, appreciate nature and to simply “just be”.

The beach also provides lots of metaphors for life.

As I sat looking at the crystal blue waters, I observed two brothers, about 7 and 8 years old, as they played in the surf with their dad standing by.

The older of the two boys was “brave enough” to move past the break of the waves, where the water swelled and then receded, and he bobbed up and down with the water playing and laughing.

The younger brother was too afraid to move past the place where the waves were breaking.  He stayed right at the spot where the waves crashed hard and nearly knocked him off his feet.  It took such energy for him to stay upright and he worked hard to maintain his balance.  The boys’ dad kept a watchful eye, but he never moved in “to save” his son from the battering waves.

The older brother called to his little brother to join him at the place past the crash of the waves, where it was calm and play happened more freely. The younger brother never took the risk.  In fact, he turned and walked closer to the shore where he felt safe and the waves no longer crashed around him.

Which brother are you? 

What in your life feels like the constant crash of waves on your body, mind or spirit?

What might happen if you ventured past the “crash” of the surf and found that spot where the water did the work…. and you simply rode the waves? 

be brave. be wise. be you.